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Gongyi city water supply materials co., LTD is a professional production and sales of water purification materials、Pipe fittings factory and filter material and other products manufacturers,I company production of water purification materials:Polyaluminium chloridePAC、PolyacrylamidePAM、Polymeric ferric sulfate、Activated carbon、Quartz sand、Anthracite filter material, etc,Used in modern oil、Electric power、Medicine、Chemical industry、Paper making、Printing and dyeing、Coalification,Municipal sewage,Urban tap water and the purification of the water treatment field plays an important role。Chang rui water purification material series in strict accordance with the standard production,Products used for industry water treatment purification decoloring engineering force,The effect is remarkable,Well received by users!


Gongyi city water supply materials co., LTD
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